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Frankly, I and my friends thought of creating a company of our own wherein we will duplicate’s success but it didn’t went thru for various reasons. We also know the gaming community is divided when it comes to this issue – RMT or Real-Money Trading, in gamers’ terminolgy – “Farming” Virtual Items for Real Cash.

But guess what? A new company was born in Cebu and is now hiring professional gamers, to duplicate’s success here in the country, they are the Virtual Commodities Exchange Network or VCeXchange for short ( ). Their first game is the popular World of Warcraft by Blizzard. Advertisements were posted in Sun.Star Cebu and was seen by many gamers and local game market analysts.

One of them, (and thanks to them) was this site Mike Abundo’s Information Narcosis.

Picture from Leon Kilat ::: The Cybercafe Experiments.

Now if you don’t like RMT, Virtual Item Farming for Real-Cash, then let’s be civilize as to not spam them or attack them, shall we? Good. Each of us have our own opinions, let’s keep our debates and emotions in-check. After all, if game developers and game providers both local and international do not really and seriously like RMT they can stop the business, but they let them continue.

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