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Facebook was reported to have removed photos of breastfeeding mothers found to be overly revealing. This has sparked protests both online and offline, as groups and mothers shouts, “Hey, Facebook, breastfeeding is not obscene!”

Follow up:

The photos were reported as obscene and was removed, with a warning that if the user (re)-uploads a similar obscene photo, they will be permanently banned from Facebook.

The Company said in defense that there were no ban on breastfeeding photos but that they have a policy on how much of a woman’s breast can be revealed.

“We agree that breastfeeding is natural and beautiful and we’re very glad to know that it is so important to some mothers to share this experience with others on Facebook,” said Mr. Barry Schnitt, spokesperson of Facebook.

What is over? Photos with fully exposed breast as defined by showing the nipple or areola, violates the Facebook Terms according to Mr. Schnitt. If someone reports, the Company checks it, or removes it?

Photo from MailOnline

So is the above photo obscene? According to Mrs. Kelli Roman (via MailOnline), her photograph of her feeding her daughter was also removed from Facebook.

I wonder what’s the next protest against Facebook after this one. Remember when Facebook overhauled the layout of their social-network and users protested? As Valerie Stayskal said, “The new version is cluttered and there’s no continuity to it.” I couldn’t agree more, personally I prefer the simplistic layout of the old Facebook. I can’t find my way around the new Facebook!

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