Dattebayo picks up Pokemon Diamond & Pearl, drops Naruto?

Things are still shaky after super typhoon Reming’s rampage of the Philippine islands. Prayers and wishes of good fortune goes out to all the victims of Reming’s destructive rage. The government must get its act all together, stop rushing their self-serving CHA-cha and help out the thousands of Filipino families displaced, hurt and troubled by Reming.

Moving on to the main subject of this post, a news release from Dattebayo, the cool group that releases Naruto and Bleach anime episodes subbed (subtitled) in English, has made some shock waves in the anime fans community.

According to this press release; Dattebayo to pick up Pokemon Diamond & Pearl – Naruto NOT dropped (this was added later as an update)

Follow up:

Dattebayo has decided to pick up Pokemon Diamond and Pearl series and release it with the English subtitles we have loved Dattebayo for. Pokemon fans would celebrate with this news release but at the expense of Naruto and Bleach fans. As an effect of picking up the popular Pokemon series, Dattebayo will drop or cease to release subbed episodes of the Naruto series and possibly the Bleach series as well.

WTF right? Well calm down all you Naruto and Bleach fans out there, Dattebayo has updated that press release and said that NO they will NOT Drop Naruto. Apparently after those “all 36,291 “fans” who sent in death, rape, ‘removed you from my homepage’, and other threats.”

It’s good news after all. We now have Pokemon to watch out for from Dattebayo along with Naruto and Bleach. Let’s just hope Dattebayo keeps their word.

Thanks to keysinunez.com for the heads up on this anime news.

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