Veoh Bringing the Battle to Universal Music – gameshogun™ Since 2003 is a startup that is now very popular among video content creators. They provide what other video hosting services do not (except for – downloading of the original file, and high-quality streaming.

What is more interesting is that have its own desktop client, making it easier to download the videos of your choice whether you are at home or at work (simply by choosing “Send to Home”). And not only that, they are beta testing their new service – VeohTV, which will compete with Joost™.

Now the problem is, as most other video hosting startups face, are copyright lawsuits against them, which they hardly have something to do. Universal Music warned Veoh that they will file a lawsuit against them, and what the new CEO Steve Mitgang did is to file a lawsuit against Universal Music first.

Quoting techcrunch:

Perhaps new Veoh CEO Steve Mitgang is the kind of guy you don

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