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O2Jam, the most popular music game in the country, and EMI Music Philippines, one of the leading music publishers, has partnered to localize Original Pilipino Music, or OPM, for O2Jam. The deal is the first in the Philippines to integrate OPM in a massively multiplayer online game.

IP E-Games, the publisher of O2Jam, is also launching the Smart O2Jam SMS service, which allows subscribers who play O2Jam to download monotones, polyphonic ringtones, true tones, and backgrounds of current O2Jam songs. Upon download, subscribers will receive a certain amount of points that they can use to purchase exclusive avatar items from Smart. There has never been this much in-game content for mobile phones.

Follow up:

The bands to be initially included in the list of OPM to be localized would be Sandwich, Slapshock, and Sugarfree. These will be the first-ever OPM songs to be played in O2Jam, and are exclusive to the Philippine market.

IP E-Games, an IPVG company, is also the publisher of the smash hit RAN Online (ranonline.com.ph), a modern, campus-style setting where the students have to defend their school against dangerous and evil monsters. IP E-Games also hosts and maintains Dreamville (dreamville.com.ph), the only community portal based in the country.

“The partnership between O2Jam and EMI is the first of its kind,” says Heidi Mendita, IP E-Games Product Management Team Head. “To integrate Original Pinoy Music in O2Jam’s already-massive library of songs gives the game a stronger local flavor and unparalleled appeal among music-loving Filipinos.”

“With the Smart SMS service, O2Jammers that subscribe get an edge over the rest of the pack,” declares Mendita. “On top of the wallpapers and ringtones, gamers receive practical tips and tricks that help them advance through O2Jam. These aren’t your obvious facts—they’re collection of valuable hints closely guarded by expert O2Jammers.”

The Smart SMS service and the integration of OPM in O2Jam start in the latter half of September 2006.

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