(Update) Jackie Chan and Jet Li in The Forbidden Kingdom

UPDATE (2008/04/18): Now Showing in the Philippines!!

Who would have thought that Jackie Chan and Jet Li will be seen together in a movie? I did, and I always wished they do. This year, it has become a reality. The two icons will appear on the new movie entitled The Forbidden Kingdom.

Trailer, movie posters, and game inside..

Follow up:

My girlfriend and me first saw this a few weeks ago at SM Mall of Asia where they stickied on the floors of the movie hallway the actors of the movie. At first we thought they were just look alikes, you know, another of those spin-off comedy movies, because we saw Jet Li wearing a similar costume from his Once Upon A Time In China movies, then Jackie Chan similar to his, Drunken Master movies, and other characters that somehow look familiar. Not only that, their character names or titles are: Jackie Chan – “The Drunken Immortal”; Jet Li – “The Silent Monk” (we thought of the Shaolin Temple movies).

We walked around and looked for some big movie collaterals and found one. To our excitement, it really was them – Jet Li and Jackie Chan! Together on one movie! I shouted, “FINALLY!” (then people started to join us in-front of the big collateral [sorry I don’t know what they call those, big cardboard(?) things]).

So here’s the trailer, which we still haven’t seen played here in the Philippines (and movie posters not yet posted).

Cool? Awesome? Must watch? The Forbidden Kingdom World Premiere is on April 16 in Beijing, China. April 18 in the US and Canada, and the rest of the world on April 24.

Cast and Characters:

Jackie Chan – as “The Drunken Immortal”; character: “Lu Yan”

Jet Li – as “The Silent Monk”; characters: “Lan Cai He” and “Monkey King”

Michael Angarano – as “The Traveller”; character: “Jason Tripitikas”

Crystal Liu Yi Fei – as “The Orphan Warrior”; character: “Golden Sparrow”

Li Bing Bing – as “The White Haired Assassin”; character: “Ni Chang”

Collin Chou – as “Jade War Lord”

Directed by: Rob Minkoff (The Lion King)
Fight Choreography from: Yuen Woo-Ping (The Matrix movies, Kill Bill, Twin Dragons)
Cinematography: Peter Pau (Shoot ‘Em Up)
Screenwriter: John Fusco & Ch’eng-En Wu
Studio: Lionsgate

Before the exciting game, here are more videos!
(Do not watch if you do not want spoilers!! Skip the videos..)

Jet vs. Jackie

Respect your Teachers

Drunken Master Fight

Cherry Blossom Battle

Escape on Horseback

Ok here’s the game:

* After you play, post your final score!
(I reached level 5, with a final score of 1,345. ^_^ )

Official Sites:
Official Movie Site
Official YouTube
Official Bebo

via: Codamon.

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