Gunbound World Champion hits the Philippines

Gunbound World Champion hits the Philippines
at record breaking speeds

(Manila, Philippines, May 18, 2006) – The Philippines’ #1 casual shooting game just got better with Gunbound World Champion. Digital Media Exchange’s (dme) online gaming division Mobius today released the much-awaited latest version of Gunbound Philippines from South Korean game developer Softnyx.

“Five days after releasing the latest World Champion, our download servers pushed 2.7 terabytes and close to 20,000 downloads, the highest we have ever recorded,” said Alfred Austria, product manager for Gunbound. “This is truly a testament to the popularity of Gunbound which other online games, casual or RPG, has yet to surpass in the Philippines.

Follow up:

Updating the game’s original design, GWC offers a more user-friendly interface that prominently features the game’s trademark colorful characters. GWC’s existing mobiles have also been given a facelift that gives them a more three-dimensional appearance. Other significant changes include new maps and mobiles that will challenge players’ tried-and-tested skills. User accounts will be migrated along with their current levels, gold, cash, and game points.

Initially released for Softnyx’s international game service, Gunbound World Champion has since been modified and improved based on user feedback. The Philippine release has also included modifications to run Mobius premium service Pilot’s Club, which is still under testing for a month to incorporate Pilot’s Club services and benefits into the new version.

Two Softnyx features have been migrated to GWC Philippines. Gunbound users, nicknamed pilots, can now choose to “rent” their avatar items for one-week, one-month or one-year durations through the avatar-renting feature in the avatar shop. They may still choose to buy and keep their items, though at a higher price than renting.

Gunbound Olympics with the Grand Prix Server:
GWC Philippines will soon also introduce the Grand Prix server, where local pilots can compete with pilots from other countries in terms of rank and international events. This time, pilots will not only need to raise their rank within the GWC Philippine community, but also in the international community. They can also have the chance to compete in international events and challenge players from other countries.

“We already have a large International community playing our Gunbound service,” said Dan Sweeney, SVP of Network Operations. “Of the 450 Megabits per second sustained traffic, more than 10% of the traffic was going to destinations outside the Philippines despite minimal marketing efforts to these countries.”

The Gunbound World Champion client can be downloaded from the Mobius website ( If you don’t have a Mobius account, simply register at and play both Gunbound and Mobius’ massively multiplayer RPG game MU Online.

Gunbound is published and distributed by Mobius (, the Internet gaming division of Digital Media Exchange, Inc. ( dme also hosts the epic multiplayer role-playing game MU Online and the interactive online community GoPets. dme has also released Mobius Online, a revolutionary e-commerce system that allows users to shop online using the universal prepaid currency ePoints, on October 2005.

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