dme signs partnership with M.Lhuillier

(Manila, Philippines, August 4, 2006) – Digital Media Exchange, Inc. (dme) today announced that it has signed a partnership deal with financial services company M. Lhuillier. The partnership will allow M. Lhuillier to sell dme’s payment gateway MobiusOnline’s prepaid credits called ePoints in their outlets nationwide.

“This partnership provides an opportunity for MobiusOnline to widen its distribution base and for M. Lhuillier to increase the value of its outlets as ePoints is fast becoming recognized among the 12 million Internet users in the Philippines,” MobiusOnline director Edward Diwa stated.

Follow up:

MobiusOnline’s ePoints are used to pay for items offered on MobiusOnline ( including dme’s Mobius games, online game load, cellphone and landline load, Internet hours and other prepaid cards. Previous methods of purchasing ePoints included buying a prepaid ePoints card from Internet cafes or through electronic load. dme’s partnership with M. Lhuillier expands MobiusOnline’s ePoints distribution from Internet cafes to include M. Lhuillier’s 800 outlets around the country.

Members can now buy ePoints credits by filling up a form and paying the cash equivalent at any M. Lhuillier branch. The points will be credited to their account, which they will see when they log in to MobiusOnline.

Mr. Diwa also outlined future plans for the MobiusOnline-M. Lhuillier partnership. “In the future MobiusOnline members outside the country will also be able to buy ePoints by simply going to any Western Union branch, which is affiliated with M. Lhuillier,” he said.

M. Lhuillier is one of the leading financial services companies in the Philippines with over 800 locations nationwide, with services ranging from financial loans, life insurance, and jewelry. They have also expanded from a purely local business to a global service with the introduction of their money transfer service “Kwarta Padala”, which allows Filipinos to send money to anyone in the world through money transfer company Western Union.

Digital Media Exchange, Inc. (dme) publishes and distributes digital media content such as multiplayer online games through its Internet games division MobiusGames ( and MobiusKids ( dme hosts the epic RPG game MU Online, the casual shooting game Gunbound, and the interactive online community GoPets. dme’s payment gateway MobiusOnline ( is used to pay for Mobius services, Mobile prepaid cards, and pay for other goods electronically via the Internet. For more information about dme, visit (

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