dme beats Level-Up to the punch with Mobius Online

dme beats Level-Up to the punch with Mobius Online
dme launches revolutionary payment system for gamers

(Manila, Philippines, October 28, 2005) – Digital Media Exchange, Inc. (dme) – a regional distributor of digital content and the parent company of online games publisher – successfully launched their revolutionary payment system Mobius Online on October 24, 2005. Mobius Online ( allows members to shop for a wide array of products online using ePoints, a prepaid currency that will soon be made
available in over 10,000 convenience stores, sari-sari stores and Internet cafes.

“Mobius Online is a complete ePayment network built on the technology from Malaysia’s MOLAccess Portal Bhd, with partnerships with distributors, retailers and merchants aimed to replace conventional payment methods and give customers a convenient online payment system,” said Jojo Anonuevo, dme senior vice president for channels and distribution.

The launching reaffirmed dme’s commitment to innovate the digital entertainment industry by launching the first universal currency for online games to deliver the utmost convenience to customers.

“Until recently, the only way for players to get game credits was via traditional plastic cards. We changed that by “digitizing” our distribution; players now get their credits through SMS, similar to mobile phone eload,” Anonuevo said. “We took that to the next level with Mobius Online, allowing them to play our games using just one currency called ePoints. We also made Autoload possible by allowing users to top up their account without the need to enter PINs,” he added.

On its first stage of rollout, Mobius Online immediately taps Mobius’ three million registered users. Instead of buying different cards for different games and piling up points for each one, users simply have to top up their Mobius Online account and select from any Mobius game they want to play. Their load is converted to ePoints, which they can use to buy more game time for Mobius’ games, or purchase any product on the Mobius Online website.

dme’s revolutionary payment system is backed by solid customer support which now includes a live chat feature, the first of its kind in the Philippine online game industry. Players can now chat with Mobius’ game support specialists in real time on the Mobius Online website.

“Building a payment system may not be very difficult but it takes execution and an irreproachable understanding of your customer to deliver the right solution. That, more than anything, is our edge, allowing us to be three steps ahead of everyone,” asserted Edward Diwa, dme Director for eDistribution.

Digital Media Exchange, Inc. ( publishes and distributes casual and massively multiplayer online games (MMOG) in the Philippines through its Internet games division ( dme hosts the epic RPG game MU Online and the casual shooting game Gunbound, and has also recently launched Gopets, an interactive online community.

About is the game publishing and distribution arm of Digital Media Exchange, Inc. (dme) focused on distributing interactive, visually arresting massively multiplayer online games (MMOGs) in the Philippines.

MMOGs represent the next generation in digital entertainment as they immerse thousands of gamers into socially interactive virtual gaming adventure worlds that serve as a venue for community build and self-expression. envisions a technology savvy, virtually connected “digital ME” (dme) generation of Filipino youth who will be at the forefront of the country’s digital evolution.

Committed to provide the ultimate experience in gaming, licenses only the best and most in-demand content from around the world and ensures seamless, anytime connectivity anchored on the dependable infrastructure and 24×7 game support services.

About dme
Founded in 2003, Digital Media Exchange, Inc (dme) is Southeast Asia’s pioneer, integrating digital content, technology, and operational expertise to deliver superior digital entertainment services. The company provides localized marketing and hosting services for a variety of digital media content.

dme has already demonstrated success in the first market it has entered with the publication and distribution of two blockbuster online computer games, MU Online and Gunbound, in the Philippines. dme’s online games division boast over 3.1M unique registered accounts and a peak of .290+ unique accounts playing each day.

The company’s superior infrastructure and world-class support services also contribute to sustaining this market success. Reliable 24X7 connectivity to the game and its community have played a crucial role in increasing the game’s appeal to its loyal and growing market base.

dme continues to aggressively expand, innovate and license premier content to serve the exploding demand for interactive digital entertainment throughout English speaking markets in Southeast Asia beginning with Philippines, Guam and Saipan in 2004, and moving on to Malaysia and Singapore in 2005.

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