Digital Media Exchange Expands to Southeast Asia with the release of “Rakion Chaos Force”

(Manila, Philippines, November 7, 2006) Dipping its toes in the regional online gaming market, Digital Media Exchange (dme) has announced that it is set to release Rakion, the massively multiplayer online action fighting game from South Korean game publisher Softnyx, Inc., in the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam.

Follow up:

“We are in the process of aggregating the fragmented Southeast Asian market and hope to serve our key target markets under one gaming portal, and one billing system, mobiusonline,” said dme brand director Nikolai Galicia. “Rakion Chaos Force is our initial offering for our regional expansion strategy, and we intend to release more games within the next 3 months,” he added.

Rakion offers a unique game play experience, where players interact through different fast action fighting modes brought to life with full 3D graphics. Rakion’s Item-based No-subscription business model allows players to play the game for free; however, they may opt to top up with cash to be able to purchase more powerful in-game items or in-game services.

We have enabled several channels for Rakion gamers to enhance their gaming experience by purchasing avatars and Rakion Power Cards through their mobiusonline account. mobius ePoints prepaid cards have already been available since mid-October while ePayment channels will be enabled in November for users to top-up their acount.

Since it official launch October 2005, Rakion has attracted more than 1.3 million users in its international servers. Leveraging on Rakion’s extremely competitive game play, dme plans to promote friendly competition between its Southeast Asian markets through a massive regional competition that will pit players from different countries.

“Aside from the Regional Tournament, we plan to have a ladder-type ranking system for each country and each character class in the game to further encourage inter-country and class based competition as well,” Mr. Galicia stated.

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