Bloggers are Rushing to… BlogRush to Increase their Traffic

If you scroll down and look on the right side of this blog, you will see a new widget called “BlogRush”, it is what bloggers are rushing on this past few days (it’s new). I jumped in and joined to see what the fuss is all about. To put it simply, it is a traffic exchange program the latest tech way.

But does it work? I still have to see, this is only my 2nd day with BlogRush. Though the important question for bloggers who haven’t heard of BlogRush is this: What exactly is it?

I will give my personal explanation to that after I’m satisfied with my trial of BlogRush, so for now, I direct you all to watch the video of BlogRush located on their website – BlogRush. If you are happy with it, then try it out by registering here.

In a few days time, I will post my crash-review of BlogRush.

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