A3 and VitalSign South-East Asia Ceased Operations

A3 and VitalSign for South-East Asia have ceased operations according to the A3, VitalSign, and iGamesAsia’s forums/sites, quoted:

Dearest A3 and VitalSign Gamers,

This notice serve to inform that with effect from,
9th June 2006, 0000 HRS,
all A3 and VitalSign operations
have ceased without further notice.

Thank you for your support

From these addresses: https://a3.igamesasia.com.sg/ceased_notice.htm; https://vitalsign.igamesasia.com.sg/; https://forum.igamesasia.com.sg/.

There are no official statements yet as to the shutting down of the two games. Additionally, when one will visit the official website of iGamesAsia Pte Ltd. at https://www.igamesasia.com.sg/, the site is empty, they may be updating their official website and it isn’t related at all to the shutting down of A3 and VitalSign.

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