EA Buys Mythic Entertainment

Electronic Arts said Tuesday that it had reached an agreement to acquire Mythic Entertainment, developer of the popular online game Dark Age of Camelot and is currently developing a new game – Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. It is still fresh to many that Mythic Entertainment postponed development of a promising online game entitled Imperator, a futuristic Roman Empire-type game with other civilizations like the Aztecs also still in existence.

Follow up:

EA will enter more seriously into the MMOG development as it said they will be opening a development studio where Mythic is and calling it EA Mythic. This is the latest in EA’s attempt to be a competitor in the MMOG space and the latest of EA’s acquisitions. To many Ultima fans, EA is very known as the company that acquired Origin Systems, Inc. (OSI), the developer of the popular RPG series Ultima by Richard Garriott, and later developed the first Massively Multiplayer Online Game – Ultima Online, as well as the many cancellations of promising Ultima Online sequels.

To all the gamers who’ve known EA for a very long time, let’s hope that this time, EA will develop new online games and finish it to the end.

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