Sunday Links – the Cool and the Funny

You know DISQUS? It’s a new comment system service that enables any site and blogs to gain more exposure and readership by creating a discussion on your posts. You see, it really works. I found these coolness and funny.. articles on the web this afternoon while having DISQUS-ions with other DISQUS-enabled sites and blogs, and their readers.

Follow up:

How Google Really Places Map Markers

Now you know. Next time when you are putting Google Markers, please be very careful okay?

XYZ Computer Desk Is the Computer Itself (Verdict: I Want One)

This is what I call the real “Desktop Computing”. Oh, is the monitor small or the “desktop computer” big?

Telectroscope Let’s Londoners and New Yorkers see each other LIVE!

Have you heard about one of the ambitious projects of the great engineers of the world? Digging through the planet and build a telectroscope!
No I’m not kidding!

When the sun illuminated the lens of the Telectroscope next to the Thames, it was, of course, still nighttime in New York. So the screen inside the scope broadcast back only an empty sidewalk silently framed by the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan skyline.

But then something miraculous occurred.

A police officer and a street cleaner walked into the frame. Stopped. And waved.

‘Dragonball’ First Look: Chow Yun Fat as Master Roshi

My eyes! Noooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!1

All via: the eCo stream, discovered thanks to DISQUS.

Sunday Links first ish. :p

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