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    The Pope Now On YouTube!

    First it was President Obama of the United States who taps the online tools available today, they are blogging! And they use Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License! This time, it's the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church. Welcome to the Vatican YouT… more » Tags: , , , , , , ,

    Earthquakes Hit Parts of Asia

    Four Earthquakes hit parts of Asia early Sunday today (or late night Saturday UTC/GMT). A 7.6-magnitude hit the province of West Papua in Indonesia; a 5.9-magnitude hit the Afghanistan and Pakistan border; a 5.1-magnitude hit the Eastern coast of Taiwan… more » Tags: , , , , ,

    Double Conjunction Ending 2008

    We witnessed the greatest conjunction in history, when the Heaven smiled upon us. Here's another conjunction coming, a double conjunction will occur on the night of December 31st, right after the 2008 Last Sunset (Photo Activity). More details after… more » Tags: , , , , , , , , , ,

    (Update #2) Dayo to a Theater Near You

    DAYO (Wanderer), the Philippines 2nd full-length animated film (the first was Urduja) will premier this December 25, 2008. Produced by CuttingEdge Production and directed by Robert Quilao with Artemio Abad Jr. and Eric Cabahug, DAYO is an Official entry… more » Tags: , , , , , , ,

    YOU are invited to Enchanted Kingdom

    ... this year at the 28th of September, that is a Sunday. What is special on that day? OtakonEK 2008, a pop culture mania of comics, gaming, anime, manga, movies, and cosplay. Get to see collectibles, toys, and your favorite comics, manga, and anime c… more » Tags: , , , , , , ,

    (Update) Quick Response from Entrecard's Site Downtime (and ThePlanet IDC)

    Another DataCenter outage due to accidents, this time an electrical fire from ThePlanet, that houses among the other 9000++ websites hosted. But what I want to point out here are the following: Entrecard hosting their Email Data… more » Tags: , , ,

    (Update) Jackie Chan and Jet Li in The Forbidden Kingdom

    UPDATE (2008/04/18): Now Showing in the Philippines!! Who would have thought that Jackie Chan and Jet Li will be seen together in a movie? I did, and I always wished they do. This year, it has become a reality. The two icons will appear on the… more » Tags: ,

    Kurama Tengu 鞍馬天狗

    While waiting for my younger brother to finish printing his school project with our newly bought printer, I turned on our TV set and surfed cable channels. I came by NHK World Premium, where I used to watch a lot of Japanese shows 7 to 8 years ago. T… more » Tags: , ,

    The Return of Filipino Animation

    We first saw the trailers in cinemas last year, check out how far and better our Filipino Anime Film is now! more » Tags: , , ,

    New Year, New Versions

    With the new year, comes new versions of great applications, and new games as well. The first is Activision Blizzard's and UpperDeck's "WoW Miniatures Game" or "WoWMinis". This is the latest offering of Blizzard and UpperDeck for the widely popular M… more » Tags: , , , , ,


    Warner Bros. Pictures and IMAX Corporation jointly announce that Warner Bros.' highly anticipated sci-fi thriller "I Am Legend" starring Will Smith will be shown at the IMAX Theater at the SM Mall of Asia starting Jan. 8, 2008, simultaneous with the film… more » Tags: ,

    FLOSS Licenses

    Q: What is a "FLOSS License"? A: A "FLOSS License" must be recognized by both the Free Software Foundation and the Open-Source Initiative. This does not cover "Documentation Licenses" since the OSI website do not list any Documentation Licenses and t… more » Tags: ,

    MPAA Violating the GPL License?

    The Motion Picture Association of America or MPAA has been forced to stop distributing its "University Toolkit" online. Many are familiar with MPAA as they are in the forefront of Anti-Piracy campaigns especially via BitTorrent and related sites. But j… more » Tags:

    The Golden Compasses Trilogy

    "The Golden Compasses Trilogy" as it is called in North America and elsewhere but officially known as the "His Dark Materials Trilogy" by the author Philip Pullman as a response to C.S. Lewis' the "Chronicles of Narnia". The first movie premiered here… more » Tags: ,

    List of Card Services supporting PayPal Withdraw

    Here is a Google Spreadsheet listing of card services supporting (or not supporting) PayPal Withdraw/Fund Transfer. If you confirmed other card services, just reply back in this thread and it will be added.These are confirmed via phone call, email i… more » Tags:

    Withdraw from PayPal to your Philippine issued credit, debit, and prepaid cards

    The recent discovery (PayPal did not announced it) that Philippine PayPal users can now "Send. Receive. Withdraw", from their PayPal accounts is making waves in the Philippine Blogosphere, mostly with those patiently waiting for YEARS for this service.… more » Tags: ,

    Western Union for Google Adsense and PayPal Withdraw for the Philippines

    These are good news indeed. First was the news that Philippine AdSense users can now receive their payments via Western Union, no more risks of Google Checks getting stolen. And now PayPal has finally added the Philippines as one of the countries that… more » Tags: , , , 1 2 3 4 »

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