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Are you looking for a way to earn extra income? Or maybe you want to try something new? Or you hate having an on and off job?

What if I tell you that I found the answers to those questions? And that this new venture will also help maintain your Health and Wellness? Interested? I know you are, who isn’t?

Discover the secret after the jump!

Follow up:

This month USANA Health Sciences will open its doors to the Philippines. USANA® nutritional supplements like the Essentials™, Proflavanol™, Active Calcium™, BiOmega™, CoQuinone™ 30, Procosa II™, Visionex™, and Hepasil DTX™, will be available for purchase and sale.

To have a healthy life – we all share that dream. But these products will only be available from USANA via their Distributors, like me! And I want YOU to know our products and why we believe in it, and how it will help YOU achieve optimal health.

Now if you are reading this because you really want to earn extra money, USANA’s distribution is through networking and this gives people who already have work to earn extra income; people with business already to invest in a new industry; or have a new line-of-work.

The Philippine Market is huge and that is YOUR market. The country is YOUR customer. There’s no better investment than to invest for your family’s Health and Wellness, am I correct?

So if you are interested to know more about the USANA products, and maybe you are also interested to know more on how YOU will earn more/extra money, then just fill up the form below and I will contact you.

We conduct regular presentations that will introduce USANA products so YOU will understand what are the benefits. As an added bonus, we will also have a presentation on how you can create your own USANA business. It is of course free-of-charge.

Come and get to know how you can have the optimal health and wellness for YOU and YOUR love ones.

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