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The gameshogunâ„¢.ws Blognet is a network of blogs under the gameshogunâ„¢.ws brand name. Originally planned to be a blog host for gamers who blog, gameshogunâ„¢.ws or gameshogunâ„¢ blog network evolved into becoming a house of blogs covering different topics.

Each blog is independent yet linked to each other, with topics ranging from technological and scientific discoveries, to current events and politics, and of course all about gaming and the community. The main concept of gameshogunâ„¢.ws Blognet is to present to the world what gamers think and how gamers think – through this Blognetwork, the world will know that gamers do not just play games the rest of their life, but they also have opinions and point-of-views (PoV) about the world around them – and at most, are influential and sources of new ideas and changes to the society-at-large.

gameshogunâ„¢.ws Blognet is as of 2008-January-01 2007-May-01, have five seven general-topic blogs, one special blog, and two topic-specific blogs as listed below:

General-Topic Blogs:

Special Blog:

* serving as the authority in the Philippine Online Games listing, widely visited and referred to by game developers and the community looking for information about the online gaming market and industry in the Philippines.

Topic-Specific Blog:

gameshogunâ„¢.ws Blognet is constantly looking out for new bloggers to add to its pool of contributors, writers, and great minds. If you are interested, just drop us an email at blognet@gameshogun.ws and tell us about yourself, why you are interested in joining us, and what you plan to contribute or write. Blogging or writing experience is not required, but its a plus! Finally, this is all voluntary work and for fun, so please do not expect any financial support ^_^

If you wish to contact gameshogunâ„¢.ws Blognet, just fill-up our Contact Form.

Thank you very much and welcome to gameshogunâ„¢.ws Blognet, we hope you enjoy your stay and spread the word about us!!

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