2008 Top 10 Posts on gameshogun – gameshogun™ Since 2003

Listed below are the Top 10 Posts here on gameshogun based on the number of views of articles posted this year. Check them out!!

Follow up:

10. Boy Collapses After Playing for 24-Hours Straight
09. It’s Official: Diablo 3
08. Jackie Chan and Jet Li in The Forbidden Kingdom
07. 2008 World Pyro Olympics – Day 2
06. The Open Comments Workgroup Born
05. What you are missing with your browser
04. Stephen King on Violence and Politicians
03. Beijing 2008 Olympics ASEAN Medal Tally
02. FireFox 3 Download Day
01. Gamers Harassed – HighStreet 5

The next four posts are those I separated from the list above because of the special nature of the posts like the two HowTo on integrating DISQUS with Blogger. These are:
01. Referrers: 2008-07-12 Saturday
02. HowTo: Integrate DISQUS on Blogger/BlogSpot Classic Template
03. Philippine Online Games List – Chinese New Year (2008) Update
04. HowTo: Add DISQUS Manually on Blogger/BlogSpot

Happy New Year 2009 to all!! Thanks for being with us for another year and hope you stay with us for yet another year round of news and comments about the world around us – from the gamers point-of-view.

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