Paul Flaherty, A Founder Of AltaVista, Passes Away

The founder of AltaVista, one of the very first and most popular Search Engine, Paul Flaherty passed away. A sad news to some while to others, they don’t know him or his great product that revolutionized the web – AltaVista and his company “Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)” – the first Fortune 500 Company to setup a webserver and the first company to launch an official US City Website for Palo Alto, California.

I am one of the loyal user of AltaVista search engine ( ) and it has stayed in the #1 spot in the Search Engine space that time.

Condolences to the family and friends of Mr. Paul Flaherty. God Bless You all.

Goodbye Paul Flaherty – AltaVista and Digital Equipment Corporation.

To learn more about him visit:
Old Homepage of Paul
Chris Sherman’s early history of AltaVista

(Via SEWatch Blog.)

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