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Mobius’ Mu Online service blocks IP Addresses not included in their scope of service/license especially those countries that are supposed to connect and play with the Global Mu Online which WebZen, Inc. sold to K2 Network.

Quoted from an official forum post ( Announcement

To all International Players:

Webzen has sold the international license for MU Online to K2 Network.
Following this, we apologize but we will no longer be able to service any players outside the Philippines.

If you cannot connect to the game but are in the philippines; please contact GSS at 8147020 or email them at immediately.

We would like to thank our international players for having played MU Online Philippines and we hope that your new service will be as enjoyable as your stay here with us. We are also sorry that this was done abruptly but Webzen required it to be done immediately.

For international players please visit

Thank you.


One of the most affected country is Poland, Polish players lost access to Mobius’ Mu Online service who they themselves became close friends with the Filipinos and a force to reckon with among other nationalities in Mobius’ Mu Online.

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