Guild Leader of the Holy Order Resigns

The Guild Leader of the “Holy Order of the Light” resigns after 3 years of leadership. Sera aka Seraphim WhiteLight in the Philippine Ragnarok Online – Chaos server founded the “Holy Order” in January 2003, five months before pRO went online to the public.

Boasting of 150 strong, loyal and high quality members across 10 Game Worlds.

Persistent Worlds: 6 namely, Philippine Ragnarok Online, World of Warcraft, Mobius Mu Online, ROSE Online, RF Online, Dark and Light.
Competitive Online Games: 2 namely, Guild Wars and GunBound Philippine Service
Multiplayer Games: 2 namely, WarCraft III Defense of the Ancients or DotA and BattleField 2.

More power to the Holy Order of the Light and the Anthenuria Principality.

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Follow up:

From: Guild Leader Resignation

Praise Be!

Announcements from the Sacred Foyer (Holy Order Forums) from Sera, Guild Founder of the Holy Order of the Light.

First is that the Holy Order of the Light is now officially a registered guild and first member of the guild-federation (or whatever you want to call it) of the Anthenuria Principality.

In an effort to accomodate more quality members who wish to be part of the community that the Holy Order members developed in the past 3 years of its existence, a new community was founded which is the Anthenuria Principality –

Through Anthenuria Principality and the new concepts behind it, more quality members can now join our great community – without the terms “Holy” and “Light” attached to them and with the liberty of joining other guilds of their choice (with)in the community or the Anthenuria Principality.

Secondly, and this was announced in the forums months ago, I, Lord el’ Lei Sera (aka Seraphim WhiteLight) officially resign as the Guild Leader of the Holy Order of the Light, to concentrate on the community aspect which is now the Anthenuria Principality. A new Guild Leader will be announced by the Keeper as well as promotions and awards to the loyal members.

I will still play under the banner of the Holy Order in other games where the Holy Order has a presence like Guild Wars but may be under a new flag in the new games I will embark on (I have plans of starting a new guild that will become the total reverse of the Holy Order of the Light – something like the Unholy Chaos of the Dark).

Till then, SIMI YES LEI on !! (The Light is My Life!!)

Sera (aka Seraphim WhiteLight)
Guild Founder
Founding and Managing Guilds since 1998.

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