Welcome our First and Newest Contributor – gameshogun™ Since 2003

I am happy to announce that Julius Rocas or Jhay is now one of the new authors/contributors for the Science blog and Animeeshon blog.

Follow up:

Here are a few questions I asked Jhay:

* Welcome Jhay to gameshogun.ws, I’m glad you joined. To begin with our short introduction for our readers, can you tell us about yourself? Who are you, where did you graduate, your family/clan, dream in life, anything you want to share to your readers?

Jhay: I’m Julius Rocas, or Jhay. I’m currently in my third year of taking BS Human Biology at the De La Salle University – Dasmariñas. I was born in a family of six, I’m the first child and I came from a family of doctors or health professionals. So yes, I want to become a doctor, a doctor for the masses some day.

* So how long have you been blogging? What made you decide to blog or who influenced you to blog?

Jhay: I’ve been blogging for two years now and started out with a Blogger.com account. I initially blogged about politics and the current events in the Philippines. I then started to write about technology, science, and health a year ago on my second blog, The Four-eyed Journal. That site is dead and I’ve moved into this new blog, the Pinoy Explorer last June. I got into blogging because I wanted to write. I wanted to write with the goal of helping people understand more about science, health, even politics and how all these affects their lives.

* Ah, the Four-eyed Journal, I was one of your readers then. What is a blog to you before you started blogging, and what it is to you today?

Jhay: A blog to me when before I started out was a personal online diary. Since then and now I see it a powerful tool of reaching out to people and getting the message across.

* That’s very true, I agree. What do you do when you are not blogging?

Jhay: When I’m not blogging or studying, I’m managing a community-based theater arts group which I founded after graduating from highschool five years ago. Aside from being a techno and science junkie, I am also passionate about the theater, music and culture. I’m a freelance playwright, and also a Lasallian Volunteer at school.

* That is very interesting. Other things you are interested in that you think your readers will be able to relate to and/or find fun and interesting?

Jhay: Aside from tech and geeky stuf, theater and performing arts, I’m also hooked on Japanese anime, I’m a Naruto and Gundam Wing fanatic. I’m also a gamer, I enjoy playing RTS and online games like RF, Freestyle and DotA. I used to play Ragnarok but got tired of it. Back in highschool and my early college days, I was feared for my skills and mastery of Command and Conquer’s Red Alert 2, and its expansion Yuri’s Revenge. :D

* Ah yes, the goold ol’ days of LAN gaming :)

Jhay: Finally, readers of gameshogun.ws’ Science blog can expect nothing but posts about science, health and other geeky stuf that is fun and easy to understand.

There we go, Jhay, our new writer for gameshogun.ws’ Science and Animeeshon blog, and he is the first to join the gameshogun.ws contributors. You can read Jhay’s first article for the Science blog at this link: /Science/2006/08/27/know_we_know_how_we_taste_sour_foods, a must read for everyone to add information to our knowledge bank for knowledge is power in today’s world.

Once again, Welcome Jhay to gameshogun.ws!!

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