Updates gameshogun.ws Blognet v7.3

gameshogun.ws Blognet updated to v7.3.

Follow up:

* Back-end is now b2evolution v1.10, the latest release featuring a stronger anti-spam features.
* Updated additional anti-spam plugins
* Fixed a couple of bugs (like preventing commenting)
* Enhanced the Feed/Syndication page which is now located at
* Enhanced the feedburner links/accounts of gameshogun.ws
* Updated the AllBlog Feed to include feeds from YOUr Lineage and Dancing to Audition blogs – same feed URL, no need to update.
* Updated the layout to three columns
* Added a new bottom row for the other details to avoid cluttering the sidebars
* Added the gameshogun.ws ADs service
* About Us updated to blend with the layout

What to expect in the near future:
* gameshogun.ws ADs service will be offered to help support the costs of this Blognetwork, for interested advertisers, you will be able to bug an ad space for a specific post on this blog; further details and pricing will be available once we are ready to roll-out;
* new themes or skins to choose from for members of this blog;
* promos and contests
* more contributors
* and more…

Thank you for your continued support to gameshogun.ws Blognet.

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