Blognet v8.0 – gameshogun™ Since 2003

Welcome to version 8.0 of Blognetwork!

New skin called “Simple Zen” created by Foppe Hemminga. I did some changes but these are for the most part, not noticeable (but it’s there, you’re looking at it already).

The blog platform was also updated to b2evolution v2.4.1 “Nevada” (STABLE) release. Which is of course better than the previous versions (and other blog platforms out there :p ). New plugins were also installed, the Turing Test plugin which asks a complicated question (not really) which an Einstein-brain human being can answer (just kidding). This is to further help against automated spam comment posting.

Follow up:

Then the Democracy Poll plugin where we can conduct polls! If you look to your right (visit the blog: to see the poll), you will see our first poll: “Do you like the new (v8) design?” Give it a whirl, vote!

That’s it for this update… OpenID support will be provided later this week or next week. Finally, if you are looking for a cheap and yet reliable web host, just click the banner below.

And if you are looking in buying that favorite game of yours but it isn’t available locally, then click this link NOW!

If you encounter any errors or bugs, please don’t hesitate to inform me by emailing me at Laibeus at Laibcoms dot com. Thank you!

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