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I got an invitation to try Friendster ADs or FAds ( two nights ago and I just tried it today. I received a PhP50.00 worth of ADs with a total of 625 views for 2-days.

Follow up:

Setting up your ad is easy and paying for your FAds can be done via e-PINs for the PhP100 and PhP50 ad package which are recommended for SMEs and Individuals, and via Credit Card is available for the Enterprise packages worth PhP1,000 and PhP500. They are soon going to launch a PhP15 worth of FAds and payable and checkable via your mobile phone.

Let’s see how it works. If you see gameshogun’s FAds while you are browsing in your Friendster account, take a screenshot reply to this post and we’ll give you a free 2gb+ email courtesy of Gmail or if you want, a free Windows Live Mail (which is still in private beta if you use hotmail) with a domain. You can upload your screenshots to All You Can Upload.

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