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It’s Christmas Eve, and while waiting for our Noche Buena, I took advantage of my time to add an easy translation link to 10 Languages. These are Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Deutsch or German, Espanol or Spanish, Francais or French, Italiano or Italian, Korean, Nihongo or Japanese, Portuguese and Russian.

With over 65% of web users speaking a language other than English, it is only essential that gameshogun.ws Blognet provides an easy to access translation of our Blog Network.

Follow up:

As admin, I chose Google Translate for two major reasons and one minor reason. First, Google Translate is more reliable than Yahoo’s Babelfish service (Yahoo bought Altavista / Babelfish). Second, Google provides an option to remove the “frame” if the visitor wishes. Third, the minor reason, I’m a Google Fan.

Other languages will be available as soon as Google Translate enables more languages. “Enable”, because Google Translate and Yahoo Babelfish both uses the same application – SysTrans. Currently Yahoo Babelfish offers more languages, but testing shows that Babelfish fails translating a site more often than not.

So, enjoy, have fun, and welcome to our new readers!! This update is for you, our Christmas gift!

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