Feed Atom/RSS Problem Fixed – gameshogun™ Since 2003

I just want to announce that the recent problem with the Atom/RSS Feed is finally fixed. When I upgraded to b2evolution 2.4.6, I immediately switched to the new Feedburner-friendly feature and failed to even read the manual (and assumed it works like BlogSpot).

I plugged-in the Feedburner URLs and voila – the Feed looped back-and-forth between the blog and Feedburner! It was only yesterday that I noticed the loop and immediately read the manual and fixed it. Today, it is working as intended, however you may notice some very old posts getting syndicated (like the year-old Lineage 2 events) – this is due to changing the source feed for the Feedburner feeds.

It should be fine by now as per testing and observation.

Thank you very much!

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