The Top 7 Reasons We Played Starcraft 1

Mokon, of posted his Top 7 Reasons why we play(ed) StarCraft 1. The parts I like and I think should be on the Top 3 list are:

Follow up:

7. Storyline

Number seven on the list has to be the storyline. In classic Blizzard fashion, they made an immersive story that engaged its players. The Zealots were not simply melee troops. No, as their name implies they were radical warriors ready to die for Auir! They charged into battle with their Psi-Blades ready defend their honor as we watched immobilized with anticipation. The campaign was masterfully designed to introduce players slowly to each unit. Every unit had a story to tell, every phrase they uttered brought back the clashes of old. The battle over Auir became part of each player that fought the Overmind. We felt part of the strife as Raynor echoed his support for the Protoss in the famous lines:

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