Tantra for MMO Newbies

When it comes to online game reviews today, I usually skip reviews once I start to read that the reviewer compares an online game with World of Warcraft or Guild Wars. I play both games regularly (I’m not a member of the WoW vs GW club), but my simple question to the reviewers who do just that is this: When did ‘World of Warcraft’ and ‘Guild Wars’ became the benchmark for online games?

Granted, these two online games now dictates the what should be’s in an online game, but by comparing online games with either of the two games or both, a game being reviewed becomes less and less appealing and thus it becomes a bias game review, especially when the game being reviewed came out before WoW and GW.

Here’s a review of Tantra Online from an unbias perspective -> Tantra for MMO Newbies.

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