Tabula Rasa Launch… and where to buy

The long wait is over, Tabula Rasa is finally going to commercial. It is the 2nd MMOG of Richard Garriott (aka Lord British of Ultima), the father of MMOG, and creator of the 1st MMORPG – Ultima Online.

He is now known as “General British”, leading the AFS (an army of what’s left of Earthlings) fighting the ‘Bane’, a group in the universe who will subdue all races that starts to enter the realm of the cosmos (space flight for example).

This is the much awaited MMOFPS and is creating waves of excitement not just in the West but also right here in our region – ASEAN-Oceania. I already bought my Pre-Order months ago, being a long tester of TR, and already reserved my Collector’s Edition as well.

But I want you to join us in our fight against the Bane, and hopefully go back to Planet Earth and re-claim our ancestral home. So click here and BUY NOW! The Collector’s Edition are on limited stocks (obviously) so reserve your copy now before it is too late.

Remember, this is ‘a’ “Richard Garriott” game. And when it is as such, it is no different with saying that a movie is ‘a’ “Steven Spielberg” or “George Lucas” film. And the game truly shows why “the name” is of high level and ranking in the Game Developer Space.


On a side note, I found my new Casual Online Game, some of you already know it, but most do not. Watch out for what that new Casual Online Game is!

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