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Sharing the Love – Join the GreatGamesExperiment Social-Network!

We all love to be loved. And I believe that what you give (or share) to others will come back to you ten-fold (in any form), it could be today, tomorrow, or ten years from now. Sometimes we notice it, sometimes we don’t.

I like and believe in the GreatGamesExperiment project, I was one of the closed beta testers, and wrote a review about it: A Social-Network Service for Gamers, Developers and Publishers.

Today, that which I gave (free promotions and inviting gamers to join) returned back, not just ten-fold, but more!

Follow up:

Presenting the newest feature of GGE, the “Share” button feature, the GGE Blog used a post here as an example of how the tool can be used by YOU, the end-user (ention).

It’s seldom, or close to impossible to get something in return for free promotions we do (including you), example was when I actively promoted Invision Power Board as the forum of choice for fansites and corporate sites. IPB gained ground in the country (the Philippines), but I got nothing from them (they got paying customers because of me), not that I’m asking for something as a payment for my efforts, but one day you will realize such things.

So, this simple act from GGE is really something big for me, and I bet to anyone of us, bloggers or not, gamers or non-gamers. And a million thanks to GGE, not just for the link, but for the great service and concept the provided us. In fact, I have laid down the plans I have on how to maximize the features of GGE, but that’s another topic for another day.

What is the “Share” feature? Simple, just click the “Share” button as shows on this screenshot.

A DOM (Document Object Model) (did I got that right? It’s DOM?) will appear with the appropriate codes you can use to share that particular game, gamer, or publisher. It is what the Internet calls a “badge”. As shown below:

It’s really that simple. GGE already added a badge code for forum use (thank you! I requested that during CBT). It is now up to you on how you will maximize the features of GGE, but as a start, find your favorite game or games, and post those badges away on your sites and favorite communities and forums. If you are indeed a fan of a certain game (or gamer), vote for them!

Great Games Experiment

One more suggestion though: “Share” feature for groups. ;)

Maybe, or optional (I’m really 50-50 on this one): a link we can use wherein non-GGE’rs can click to register, and we’ll be automatically be added as their friend, or maybe get some credit points for use on whatever we can think of.

I’m 50-50 on this because I don’t want the community to grow just because there are “rewards” or something, and usually, all the new accounts are owned by one person.

Anyway, again, thank you to GGE, keep it up, I love your Social-Networking Service (SNS), unique and fun.

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Great Games Experiment

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Im back on the top 5 list.. :p nothing, just savoring it while it lasts. ;)

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