Server Merge Coming Soon in RF Online

RF Online Philippines announced today that there will be a server merge in the near future. This decision was made to strengthen the community and create more exciting challenges to the players, as well as to better enforce the Magna Carta.

Follow up:

RF Online started with two servers namely – Nexus and Altrax. As the number of loyal gamers grow, Level Up! added more servers. Praxis was born, then Xenos and Calix followed.

With today’s announcement the following servers will be merged together:

  • Nexus and Praxis, known for being the “hardcore” servers
  • And Altrax will join with the babies (the server not the players!) – Xenos and Calix to form the Xenos-Altrax-Calix server

Complete details of the server merge will be posted by the Community Manager of RFO-PH as the fateful day comes closer.

To the Xenos and Calix players, you will be merging with a “role-playing” server – Altrax. No, they are not carebears, they can defend themselves well and cause deadly damage when challenged or forced to a fight. ;)

Visit the official website of RFO-PH.

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