Road to Domination IV a Huge Success!

Road to Domination IV was a blast! As I’ve said then (blogging live from the event), R2D4 is as good as the “main” event, there were a lot of gamers that showed their support for IP e-Games and their gaming communities.

I remember when IP e-Games held Dom1nation, the small venue was jam-packed they should have held it in Megamall. This time it was not even Domination IV, it was only a kick-off party, a promotion, an event to get the gamers excited and get them prepared for the real deal. Yet e-Gamers showed up and filled the place, we can call it Domination IV itself!

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Follow up:

Clans, Clubs, Guilds, whatever you want to call them were the main crowd. The CMs or Community Managers (people who manage the community) of each game did their job pretty well by creating games and even tournaments for their loyal gamers to enjoy. They showed how much important building, engaging, and empowering (“BEE”) communities really is.

There was Audition Dance Battle’s Date CM Sefie contest. Then on the other side of the hall was ZX Online’s Pinoy Henyo contest by CM MeiYan/Bea.

We have the Op7 Tournament and their booth babes in Op7 gear. And Runes of Magic’s Raid Challenge and Team PvP competition handled by CM Persona and CM Pre.

Sam YG and Dianne Sison ran the show at the center stage, the hosts of e-Games’ TV show MOGTV, short for More On Gaming TV.

Of course, a gaming event won’t be complete without a cosplay competition hosted by Pablo from

New online games were presented as well. First was Dragonica, an online game for the kids and kids-at-heart. Then Runes of Magic, the first 3rd Generation MMOG in the Philippines, and the newest Rhythm online game BandMaster.

IP e-Games pushed up their own standard, R2D4 can really be called the “main” event of the company. It is only right that we expect that they will not only repeat this, but exceed it this coming April 2010 when once again e-Gamers will be invited to join the e-Games festivities and contests, the much awaited Domination IV. Expectations will be high!

You can see all 152 photos by visiting our Facebook Gallery.

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