Richard Garriott is back to Create Worlds

Just this afternoon, I made a comment about why I think Tabula Rasa failed. One of it was that ‘many people were expecting the “Richard Garriott” style of gameplay’

Follow up:

Richard Garriott, the father of Electronic RPGs and MMORPGs, was known in that genre especially with how he approached RPG and developed the world of Ultima. We have Principles and Virtues. The gamer have to make a choice, create his own path, and shape the world (in UO’s case). This is “Richard Garriott”, he is Lord British.

So when he announced Tabula Rasa as a Sci-Fi Fantasy which was changed to Sci-Fi, the fans were divided. Gamers asked if he can do it outside of medieval fantasy and if it is still “A Lord British game”. There’s no question that he can do a Sci-Fi game, Origin Systems Inc. developed Wing Commander to mention one. However, it wasn’t “A Lord British game” anymore.

The touch wasn’t there with Tabula Rasa, it is an NCsoft game, not a “Richard Garriott” game. Then he said he’s leaving the scene. Many of his fans (I’ll bet all of his fans, that includes me) wish him to go back to the Medieval Fantasy genre.

Today, Richard Garriott told BBC that his next title will probably be a medieval fantasy and probably an online game. “There’s something very powerful about getting people together,” he said. This is very good news for all his fans and the gaming scene in general. This time, I believe we will see once again the “Richard Garriott”, the “Lord British” we’ve all known for two decades.

After 25 years at Origin, the last thing I wanted to make was yet another medieval fantasy game. Now, after a very interesting break, I’m keen to get back into the fray and work on a new game. Probably medieval fantasy and probably online; there’s something very powerful about getting people together.

I hope he implements Ultima Online’s economy system – Supply-and-Demand. Endless supplies of items and materials from NPCs lessens the “immersion”, we need the supply-and-demand system back, and the skills system of UO. Of course, if we can have virtues again by all means please! (The Principles and Virtues of Ultima VI on Guild Management)

Now I have another Collector’s Edition to wait for, a true “Richard Garriott” game. (I won’t mind if it’s single-player or of the likes of Neverwinter Nights where there are PW servers.)

It might be too early, but let me be the first to greet you, “Welcome back Lord British!!”

Source: Looking back to the future of fun.

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