Ragnarok Online II – Worst Game of the Year (2007)

Well.. that is according to ThisIsGame.com, giving Ragnarok Online II the 2007 Worst Game of the Year Award.

(image hotlinked from thisisgame.com)

Do you agree?

Follow up:

One thing I know, general reactions are always different when a game lands on a country or region with a different culture, different taste, and different market. I’ve seen this last year (can’t remember which game it was @_@ ). Ragnarok Online II is one of the most anticipated MMOG here in the Philippines, it was supposed to be launched last year according to some people and rumours, but instead will be this year.

And oh, to answer my question above, no I do not agree that RO2 is the worst game of the year, whatever their reasons are. I will personally vote it as one of the top for 2007. But that’s just me..

So, will you play RO2?

See the other awards by clicking here. Congrats to neowiz!

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