Poll: Mas Mahal Mo Ba Ang DotA?

I have a new poll for everyone and I am sure girls will be interested to know where this poll is going. The question is simple: DotA or Girlfriend? It is a huge question today and it is contributing to the growing list of bad reputations of gamers and gaming in general. Not to mention, girls hating gamer-guys.

{music: Mas Mahal Mo Ba Ang DotA?}

Follow up:

This poll was also inspired by three factors: [1] the reality that many gamers today and for the past 5 years or so are very addicted to a WarCraft III “Hero Defense” map called Defense of the Ancients or DotA; [2] I did this before, I put aside my girlfriend (that was 10 years ago mind you, and it was not DotA); and [3] Waukeen’s discovery of a song written by a “girlfriend” of a Filipino gamer entitled Mas Mahal Mo Ba Ang DotA.

Let us settle this issue here, now, before we hear another break-up – DotA or Girlfriend?