Player Feedback for Tabula Rasa Patch 1.4

Tabula Rasa changes, or should I say, “should be” changes.

Last 2007-12-14 Feedback Friday, they mentioned about the coming changes to the attributes:

  • Body points will now add a bonus to your armor rating
  • Mind points will now add a bonus to your ability damage
  • Spirit points will now add a bonus to your chance to deliver critical hits
  • Health has now been upped for all characters

These changes are coming with Patch 1.4, so in other words, attributes are pretty useless pre-1.4 (most players agree).

Follow up:

But with 2008-01-11 Feedback Friday a player asked the question I raised in-game, here quoted:

Player: With regards to the attribute changes mentioned in last week’s Feedback Friday, two questions. 1) Are those changes in addition to the effects that the attributes currently have, or instead of? 2) Will your attributes still stay the same across all clones, across all subsequent clones, or will we now be able to respec attributes as well as skills when we clone?

And they gave these answers:

1) The attribute changes mentioned here are a replacement of the attributes’ current functionality.
2) You will not be able to respec your attributes on each clone unless you are given a global respec with an update.

Which I find ‘not right’. Why? Attributes post-1.4 will become useful. We will be able to develop ‘builds’. Here are examples:
1) Character A: 35 Body; 25 Mind; 25 Spirit, Ranger. A ranger with lots of armor rating (Attr: Body)
2) Clone A of Character A: 35 Body; 25 Mind; 25 Spirit, Commando. A commando with lots of armor rating

Now problem here is that my Ranger tree is locked to the attributes, so if I want my Ranger tree to “not” have a 25 Body, I do not have a choice. So players will end up creating a “balance” attribute build to avoid the complexities of designing an attribute distribution that will be beneficial to any classes you may want to take via cloning.

So, if early on you concentrated on Mind points and kept on doing that till you switched to either or both Tier 2 or Tier 3, then you are stuck. Your Tier 4 may not need large Mind points distribution but you have no choice. In other words, it is defeating the goals of Tabula Rasa of giving the users the best possible gaming experience.

What’s the solution? Attributes must become auto-reset when cloning, if they want to give importance to the attributes and other item stats that affects the attributes, then they better remove the restriction or ‘lock-out’ system. I want my Sniper to have more Body Points but my Spy to have more Mind points (just random example), more armor rating vs ability damage respectively.

Still with me? Giving attributes its importance also gives the reason why it should be included in auto-stat reset when cloning. And I will certainly not going to waste my other attribute points just so to make my Spy’s mind points take over or be greater than my Body Points, that will be wasting your points.

Now I may be wrong (especially with my examples), but right now I see a problem if attributes are not resettable when cloning.

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