Pinoy Gaming Network’s Guild Masters’ Forum

A few hours from now, the Pinoy Gaming Network: Guild Masters’ Forum will begin. This is the first time that an event has been organized for Guild Masters wherein it is open to any guilds of any MMOG in the country.

I will be attending the event, under the banner of Anthenuria™ Principality which is the umbrella organization of Holy Order of the Light™ and Istar el Adere™ (or the Alpha Order of the Starts™).

Follow up:

The forum will talk about leadership and how to use these skills that a gamer learned by being a Guild Master, to the real world – especially when one enters the world of corporate jobs.

The activities during the event:

  • Talks on leadership
  • Game Industry discussions
  • Open Forum
  • Raffle (winner will possibly get an iPod)
  • Dinner (will be served free)
  • Side contests

The speakers will be Sir David, recognized Game Hero of Level Up! and edito of the web magazine Pinoy Gaming Network, Gil Edeza, President of e-Games Philippines, and one very influential surprise speaker.

So, if you are attending, see you there!

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