NIDA Online Closed Beta Soon, the provider of Freestyle Street Basketball announces the launch of its closed beta service for NIDA Online. A unique 3D-MMORPG with fantasy and sci-fi elements.

Follow up:

NIDA Online is set on a planet called “Nida” where five tribes compete and fight for domination. This online game adopts the style of 1st Generation MMORPGs through easy-to-understand and fast-progressing gameplay.

Instant satisfaction is guaranteed through its simple user interface and control as well as with the classic mouse navigation and quick level ups. NIDA Online brings back the fun and the “RPG” in MMOs. Out with the complexities of today’s MMORPGs and the high system requirements that comes with modern online games, and in with what’s simple, light, and pure enjoyment that many gamers are looking for.

The producer of NIDA online says “the game will become an instant MMORPG classic succeeding the pedigree of first-generation MMORPGs.”

The closed beta will start on September 9th, so register today and download the client now.

But do not get fooled by all of it, NIDA Online features the latest technologies in online games despite adopting what makes 1st Generation MMOs a huge success (most of it are still online today).

The game features vibrant graphics that sports a colorful and unique visual style, wide array of special effects and full use of 3D graphics to give you the player a highly immersive gaming experience.

It also boasts of a unique equipment system with items that have visual distinction. Clearly defined character development where changing the character will give you the impression of playing an entirely new game.

An exotic world where the past, the present, and the future were fused together to provide a unique virtual world and environment no one has ever seen in an online game before. And there is also a reward system where special items will be given to those individuals and guilds who shows greatness and being a good community member.

You can watch the official trailer below

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