Newest Level Up! Game – Crazy Kart 2RBO!

Carlo Ople, or more popularly known by his IGN “Waukeen”, posted an announcement about Level Up!’s follow-up to Crazy Kart. What else? Crazy Kart 2RBO!

Follow up:

The new features of CK2RBO that will surely make this sequel a bigger hit are Race Team Formation and Character Progression. Now racers can create teams and level up their characters. Of course, there will be new maps and karts as well (what is a sequel without any new content?)

Level Up! is also giving away a chance for current Crazy Kart racers to join the Closed-Beta Test of Crazy Kart 2RBO. Just load at least ₱100.00 or 1,000 cash points in your Crazy Kart account from September 7 to October 7 and you get a CK2RBO CBT access by using the same username and password.

You can download the client at the official website once it is available. Then you can start racing on September 15th which will last until October 9th.

(You can read it as: “Crazy Kart 2RBO” or “Crazy Kart 2 Race Battle Online”. But I prefer “Crazy Kart 2RBO”, mas-astig.)

[via Waukster Online]

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