New Team Blogs for BlogNet

Just to announce the two new members of the BlogNet – Dancing to Audition and YOUr Lineage. These two new blogs are game specific blogs, for Audition Dance Battle online game and Lineage / Lineage II MMORPGs.

Follow up:

With the exemption of YOUr Lineage, Dancing to Audition started out as a personal blog for Audition, I decided to make it a part of the BlogNet and promote it to the “Team Blog” status. So, applications are open for Dancing to Audition and YOUr Lineage. Just drop me an email at Laibeus at Laibcoms dot com with the subject: “Team Blog Application” with the following information:

Full Name:
Blogs/Sites: (if applicable)
Games or Online Games Playing:
Primary Email Address (for contact purposes):
Blog you are applying for:

This is voluntary only, and with that, we will not require you to post a certain number of articles per week/day/month. Post when you have something to post.

Come join the Team! We will wait for your applications!!

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