Name That Starship Class

Cryptic is running a simple contest which you probably guessed already (read: the title of this post) – Name That Starship Class. This is for their soon to be launch MMORPG Star Trek Online.

The rule is simple: Name one or all three of the Tier 5 starship designs located on their website. The contest will end on January 8, 2010.

A class of starship is a term referring to the design of a group of vessels built to the specifications, capabilities, modification, or type arrangement and outfitting. Many cultures name separate series or classes based on these qualities. A starship classification is usually used to refer to the general abilities of a vessel, but a specific class designation refers to its shape or layout in differing degrees, according to how specific species and cultures use the term.

Retrieved: 12/30/2009 from Starship classes – Memory Alpha, the Star Trek Wiki

Follow up:

The three new Starship designs of the Starfleet are:

Tier 5 Star Cruiser

LENGTH: 724m | DRAFT: 90m | BEAM: 255m

Tier 5 Fleet Escort

LENGTH: 390m | DRAFT: 70m | BEAM: 306m

Tier 5 DSSV (Deep Space Science Vessel)

LENGTH: 554m | DRAFT: 98m | BEAM: 211m

You can read

Some things to remember, only entries submitted via this URL: will be recognized. And only your most recent entry will be eligible for each Starship.

The criteria for judging are: Creativity and Appropriateness to the image provided. Last but not the least, the prizes are the following:

  • Inclusion of winning entry into the Star Trek Online game.
  • A copy of Star Trek Online Digital Deluxe Edition.
  • An autographed poster featuring your starship name on it.
  • A unique in-game title, “Starship Designer”

Three (3) First-Place Prizes will be given (obviously 1 per Starship design). The total value of all prizes is U$79.99 (approximate US retail value).

Go, submit your entry now: Do not forget that you need to be logged-in before you can see the entry form.

Wait! Be sure to check out the list of existing Starship classes known in the Star Trek Universe, you don’t want to submit an existing name ;)

* Licensed but non-canon, means that a Star Trek product was given a license to produce Star Trek materials, but the community does not consider it canon or part of actual universe.
** Canon – only sanctioned Star Trek TV series and Movies are considered by the community as part of the actual universe
*** The community is divided over the “canon” issue, so don’t bother yourself with that and don’t let it stop you from enjoying Star Trek Online.

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