More about Lineage II: The Chaotic Throne – “1st Throne: The Kamael”

We all are hungry for more 1st Throne: The Kamael information, here are a few videos for you..

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Lineage II: The Chaotic Throne
“1st Throne: The Kamael”

1st Throne: The Kamael – Background Quest

About 2000 years ago…

An ancient race called Kamael were separated from the land from which they came and was never to return. They tried to survived until the Awakening, when rumours of new lands, new continents were discovered. Since then, the race of Kamael initiated a series of communication with the rest of the world.

The head of the Kamael met with the representatives of the other races. They saw the military training of the Kamael and was convinced that this race will help put an end to the chaos in this world. One of the guests was particularly impressed with the great sword of one of the Kamael warriors and saw its power as like a magma erupting out of a volcano.

Another said that the female Kamael who was using a bow gun to hunt, caught his attention. He continued that perhaps they were the hidden ancient warriors of the old or maybe the ones seeking to escape a constrained fate, but what is certain is that they too were destined to, just as us, to make the future for ourselves.

Though we do not know what follows this appearance or discovery of the Kamael race, humanity must delay no longer the preparation to be ready for them even if it means following them toward hope and anticipation and even toward apprehension about the future.

* Translation by GameSoH. I re-worded the translation on a meaning-per-meaning basis.

Introduction of the Kamael race

The Making of ‘The Kamael’

An interesting translation from GameSoH:

Now.. ive finished translating what the girl was saying and the makers.. and its very interesting…

I will write it all in full, but to summarise Kamael and other races will get to ‘transform’ into monsters at high levels..
There are also other things but long to explain

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