MONOPOLY City Streets Starts Selling On Wednesday

Do you remember the board game MONOPOLY by Charles Darrow? Or maybe you know the board game by the publisher Parker Brothers? Or if you were born much later, then by Hasbro.

This classic and most successful board game in the world is going online as a Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG) – MONOPOLY City Streets. Cool? More information after the jump.

Follow up:

MONOPOLY City Streets is the MMOG incarnation of this popular board game. The idea is the same – to monopolized the economy and become the richest property owner in the world. But instead of being played by a few people, the world is your competitor. And instead of being played on the traditional Monopoly board, your neighborhood is your game board.

This was made possible by Google Maps. Surprised? Amazed? Or “I thought about that”?

You will be able to own any street in the world. Build your traditional Monopoly houses, then turn it into a hotel and try to beat your friends to become the richest player. But, there are more options than that, this time around you can build magnificent castles, neck-breaking skyscrapers, or prisons for your competitors who awe you a fortune, and many more.

There will be Monopoly Chance Cards too, use one and you will be able to create hazards on the streets of your competitors. Or they will use one against you.

Are you ready to rise up to the top as the richest person in the world (of MONOPOLY)? Better be ready because I am going to buy the streets around your own home or office. Tomorrow, September 9th, MONOPOLY City Streets will go live and they will be giving away $3 million MONOPOLY dollars.

The game will run for 4 months, and from there Hasbro and Google will more likely study and discuss the game’s future based on this initial run.

See you tomorrow then, young and old entrepreneurs!!

More info via Or via the Official Blog.

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