Love Forever

This is another flash video, a fan-made Game Music Video (GMV) for the popular game Ragnarok Online. This video was first released on the Taiwanese/Hong Kong RO website sometime 2002 or 2003 (can’t recall).

I can still remember that time when they hid all page source code, masked all URLs, locked all “save link as” right-click options so people won’t be able to get a copy of the GMV outside of their site. They missed one thing, I simply clicked “Email this Page” via Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Microsoft Outlook Express attached the flash file to the email. From there, I right-clicked the attached file and was able to save the flash file. Oh, they also made sure that the flash file won’t be saved from IE’s temporary folders. I then posted the flash movie in an RO forum I frequent to and the file spread like fire.

Anyway, here is the Ragnarok Online – Game Music Video entitled “Love Forever”. The song “Love Forever” is the official Japanese RO theme song. The GMV is fan-made.

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