Lineage II South-East Asia Closed Beta Test Contest

All the contests are now over. The winners are:
YOUr Lineage L2-SEA CBT giveaway contest Winners; Blognet L2-SEA CBT giveaway Winners. Blognet is giving away 25 L2-SEA CBT Invites! Just answer 5 simple questions and you will get a chance to win one of the 25 invites we will give away to the top 25 entries with the most correct answers!!

The L2-SEA CBT invites was provided by AsianMedia, the only NCsoft authorized publisher of Lineage II&#00AE; in South-East Asia.

Just download this Word 2007 or Word 2003 document for the questions. Answer as many correct answers as you can then send the file back to Deadline of entries is on Friday, July 8, 2007. Submitting five times will get you disqualified, do not spam us with your entries because ONLY your FIRST submission will be considered.

Note: These files were compressed using 7-zip. These can be extracted using 7-zip, WinRAR, or any extraction application that supports 7-zip (or .7z).

Additional information: 7-zip is a freeware product that does the compression job better and more effectively than its shareware predecessors like WinRAR. It has become the compression format of choice in the gaming community, resulting to its shareware counterparts to support extraction of the .7z compression format. You should test it yourself and see with your own eyes, then make that switch!! Get 7-zip here.

Also posted on: YOUr Lineage (NOTE: YOUr Lineage is part of the Blognetwork, all entries from these blogs are counted together, you do not need to submit twice).

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