Lineage II and Exteel South-East Asia Shuts Down in 30 Days

iAM Interactive the gaming arm of or Asian Media Development Group is shutting down its service in thirty (30) days. This is the announcement that you will see if you visit their official website at

Thus, all Lineage II and Exteel players are advised to use all their remaining iCOINs immediately. Another sad day in the online gaming industry, not just locally in the Philippines but in the Asean region.

Follow up:

iAM Interactive was known as iPlayAsia when AsianMedia (AMDG) entered the Philippine Online Gaming Industry (“P.O.G.I.”). Their first offering was ArenaNet’s Guild Wars, selling game boxes to Filipino gamers locally. Later, AsianMedia launched Lineage II for South-East Asian gamers. It was followed by Exteel and then GoGo Racer, both serving Asean gamers in the region.

Check out the first website of L2-SEA here, or rather what was left of it before the MY, PH, and SG websites were launched (which are not accessible anymore).

Thanks to AsianMedia for the games and for the opportunities they offered to everyone – to the gamers to the employees of the company.

* Hat tip to Geek Papa for the news.

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