Lineage II – 2008 Commercial Launch News

For the Philippine L2-SEA players, there is an unlimited game time promo for you. The PhP20.00 and PhP50.00 L2 Cards will give 24-hours and 72-hours of unlimited game time respectively instead of the usual hour-based packages. Not only that, there will be in-game items that are bundled with the L2 Cards. Additionally, there will be a refer-a-friend promo the details of which will be posted soon. Top-Ups? People can start topping-up by the 17th January.

Follow up:

Apart from that, the news that will make every L2-SEA player (well almost not all) smile is that starting 22nd January 2008, there will be a 2x XP, SP, and Drop Rate, which will last up to 5th February 2008. Finally, the much awaited Content Patch – Kamael, is scheduled this April!

These are the news that I can recall from the L2 Launch Event that was held a few hours ago, and it surpassed any local and regional Commercial Launch Party, a huge success for AsianMedia, NCsoft, and the L2-SEA Community! Congratulations!!

I have something to add… we saw “Cadmus” as a new upcoming server. No date though when, probably will coincide with the launching of Kamael, which is fair enough in my opinion.

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