Level-Up 2.0 – New Website Launched


The launching of the new website of Level-Up! featuring both game line-ups of the merged Level-Up, Inc. and netGames, Inc.

(If you want to see the site for yourself just head on over to www.levelupgames.ph or you can continue on and read what I have to say)

Follow up:

And it is the best Philippine Online Gaming website I have seen to date – hands-down. From the worst POG site, now it is the best there is. This is one hell of a way to close the year 2006 for the merged entities Level-Up, Inc. and netGames, Inc. – which is officially called now as “Level-Up! Inc.” instead of the tentative(?) or rumoured name “Level-Up-netGames [LUnG]” (kinda ugly if it ended up as LUnG).

*hint fansite kit now available scroll down if you want it now*

This new Level-Up! Games website also features a video player, showing clips of their game line-ups, they even have a “Send to a Friend” link embedded on their video player. Then a window-style rotating ad that shows again, their game line-up namely – FLYFF (Fly For Fun), FS (FreeStyle), Khan, Pangya, RF (Rising Force Online), RO (Ragnarok Online), ROSE, and Oz World (I applaud LU! for keeping Oz World alive).

Then their articles section is now divided up into three columns for News, Events and Promos. Pretty. A little suggestion, I think it will be better if the scroll-arrow-keys for each column activates on hover instead of clicking ;)

Of course there is still the “Featured Gamer” and “Featured Guild” sections, though I don’t know why I keep on seeing the same featured gamer and guild, and we still have to see the a entries from the netGames line-up (Pangya, FLYFF, Khan).

There is also a Featured Fan Art and Featured Wallpaper sections, and a GM Blog (GM for GameMaster) and I’m glad they finally made blogging a part of the official website (remember I pioneered CM/GM Blogging, I started it when I was still working for Level-Up! 3 to 4 years ago).

Now if you click a link, it will bring you to a new page. Each page is different, some shows the latest and hot forum posts, while other pages shows additional “non-frontpage” news and events. My last word? Very well done.

*fansite kit here! read on*

Oh, here’s the best part… Level-Up! Artwork/Fansite Kit. Let’s see, as far as I’ve checked regularly each and every POG website, Level-Up! is the first company that offered a fansite kit for their fans/customers. My rant? I’ve been telling both Level-Up and Mobius Online Games tirelessly when I was still working for them, to offer fansite kits, I even detailed everything and passed a complete report with suggestions and what not.

I’m not sure how long LU’s fansite kit been available, but this is the first time I saw it. If it was already available back with their previous site design, it was really hard to find. Kudos to Level-Up and to whoever revived the suggestion. To my former employer Mobius Online Games, well… no comment, I’ll just whistle (virtually).

Now to watch out for fans and even non-fans who will use LU’s fansite kit. If you find one or is using one, drop me an email at Laibeus at Laibcoms dot com, and I will mention you here at gameshogun.ws Blognet.

If you can’t find it for some reason, just look at this:


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