Killing Because of Casual Game Audition

Now this is… I don’t know how to explain this. Killing a fellow player just because of a quarrel, especially in a Casual Game like Audition is already craziness. This is not even about getting addicted with the game, and this isn’t even about playing “(online) games”. But it still happened, someone was killed. So to the politicians claiming that these “(online) games” will breed future “war-freak adults”, well, how can a casual game like Audition produce ‘killer’ gamers?

Audition is a dancing game, with songs, clothes to buy, and play with nothing but pure fun. There is no violence here, no killing of characters or monsters, nothing of that sort. If violence is caused by these (online) games, then why such a non-violent game produce a violent gamer? Certainly, this shows us that violence comes not from these (online) games but from the environment we live in. And the smallest unit of a society is? “Family”. Who to blame for all these violence? Well, you know who…

Condolences to the 17-year old player of 9you’s Audition Online Dance Battle casual game, known as Li, who was killed in an Internet Cafe on June 19. The killers belonged to a different guild who are 16, 16, and 21 years old. It was reported that they quarreled in-game, and the three killers went to the location of Li and did the crime.

Source: Online Game Leads to Murder Teen Player of Audition Casual Dance MMO in China Killed by Rival Guild.

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